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Hello and welcome to the Arizona Rocks Tours blog. One purpose of this site is to educate residents and tourists of northern Arizona, and southern Utah, and to stimulate discussion of issues affecting the area. Another is to attract customers for my Sedona based touring business.

This site is meant to be for you. It is an outlet for me. Posts include local geology, Native American history of the area, philosophical musings, Northern Arizona announcements, anthropological information, and other fun things to do. If you enjoy your time here, have thoughts about what you read, or are interested in a tour, please contact us or leave a comment!

Please bookmark this page and come back often as I will frequently update this site.

Have fun and come visit Arizona Rocks in person!

A Springtime Storm

A link to a wonderful spring storm moving into Grand Canyon.

Coming Storm

Latest California Condor Update

4246667094 96b386072e m California Condor Breeding Season Update

Here’s the latest condor update available. Check back as new ones come in!



Updates on Grand Canyon News

New updates to the Grand Canyon News page have been added. They include Earth Science Week to be celebrated soon, and a prescribed fire planned for the South Rim that may impact traffic. Check out the updates here.

Updated Grand Canyon News

For those interested in current Grand Canyon news, be sure to check the recently updated news page here!

National Park Week!

Don’t miss out on the celebration of National Park week at the Grand Canyon April 16-24, 2011. Entrance fees will be waived for the week, so this is a great opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon! You can get more information here.

California Condor Breeding Season Update

California CondorAn update from Ms. Marker Marshall, Grand Canyon Interpretive Ranger. I will do my best to forward updates from Marker. She’s great!!


Hello Condor Enthusiasts— This is a long Breeding Season update.

Population numbers from the US Fish & Wildlife Service, as of February 28, 2011:

World Total:     369  (This is down one since December 31; a breeding-age female condor from Baja California, Mexico, who was being treated for lead poisoning at the L.A. Zoo, died there on January 7.) Continue reading California Condor Breeding Season Update

Sedona Snow

Snow in Sedona, Arizona is not an every day event, so when a good storms hits, it is a special time. While the lower elevations usually have the snow melt the next morning, the higher regions may have snow for a few days. This makes for even more spectacular scenery that is a wonderful treat. This picture was taken December 30,2010. See more pictures here

Surviving! I’m into it.

I must admit that living skills unknown to me are somewhat of  a passion. So here I am; learning how to make fire, shelter, and find food in the wilderness. Can you? I’m learning. There are plants that can feed you. Plants that can heal you. Animals to catch and cook. Give them your thanks before you devour them; they are your friends. My passion is the outdoors and I love to share my passion with my guests. Northern Arizona is one of the coolest places on the planet Earth. Believe it or not, I spent last weekend, and I’m spending this weekend with Cody Lundin to learn more. The desert is your home. Indians survived here for thousands of years. I love to share. Come on a tour and learn some real things. Watch the video!

Another Fun Day…. on the Rio! Video!

You wouldn’t know you’re in Arizona when you float the Verde River. A lush riparian environment surrounds you with flora and fauna. Great blue herons abound; red winged blackbirds screech; beavers and otters hide in the cattails. Armed with water canons, we make our way down the mighty (…umm) Verde. Alliances form as all engage in a huge water war. In this video, the trip ends on the grounds of a winery, and all do a wonderful wine tasting (sans guide, who is schlepping boats)! Join us for a truly memorable trip.

See the Colorado River…From the Bottom of Grand Canyon!

Ever wanted to go to the bottom of Grand Canyon? You can hike down, you can take a mule down, or you can jump. But did you know that there is a road that you can drive down to the Colorado River? Well, there is; one. One road in the entire 277 river mile length of Grand Canyon! Diamond Creek Road winds down through every sedimentary rock layer and slices through the Vishnu schist of the inner gorge, ending on a sandy beach a few feet from the river itself. If you’ve ever wanted to look “up” at the canyon, this is your chance. Climb aboard my time machine… Continue reading See the Colorado River…From the Bottom of Grand Canyon!