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NPS proposing the change of boating rules in Grand Canyon

The New York Times is reporting today that the National Park Service will publish in the Federal Register on Monday a proposal changing boating and river camping rules and regulations. The proposal would require all persons using the river within park boundaries to have a permit issued by the Park Superintendent. Currently, the last 51 miles of the river, from Diamond Creek to the park boundary are open to use without a permit. The proposal will also prohibit camping in the Havasu Creek drainage from the boundary between the park and the Havasupai reservation to the Colorado River. The Times article can be read here. Click here to read the proposed rule.

This proposal will help contol the use of the river; a much needed extension to cover the entire Grand Canyon National Park. The uncontrolled use of the last 51 miles has led to people disregarding what most persons feel are simply rules of consideration. Trash, human waste, and uncontrolled fires have led to the desecration of this section of river. Over 30,000 people use the Colorado between Lee’s Ferry and the park’s western boundary. I’m all for limiting that use in order to preserve our beautiful natural wonder.

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