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Living to “Be”; A follow to “The Essential Moment”

Everything´s GoldenDid you realize the moment? The very moment. Not the one that was the contemplation of who you would be. Not the one when you were planning who you would be. Not the one when you thought about who you have been. Did you experience and cherish the moment when you became who you would be? Do you remember it? That moment; the one that reflects who you are.

Do you perceive that moment as one that is gone? Is this moment lost in the memory of what that moment was? What is this moment? A memory? A thought of who you were? A perception of your reality as it was or what it might be?

That moment is now.

“I am that I am”.

A famous phrase. A philosophy. A way to live. Some communicate it as “One day at a time”, others as, “Live in the Now”. Some as “Listen….”, others as, “Be”. Despite the description, the meaning seems to point to the same road.

Live as though this was your last moment. Shun all judgments of you by others, and be you. And be the shining part of you that inspires others. The part that allows others to share this very time, this very space in a way that allows them to “BE”.

That famous phrase does not refer to the past or the future. “I am”. I am who I am. I am that I am. All philosophies point to the now. They all tell you that you are who you are. Not who you want to be. Not who you were. Relish the moment of who you are. You are who you have always been, and who you will always be. Cherish this moment.

Others will see it. They will feel it. They will share it. And in that way, you will touch all around you, and your light will shine upon all around you. This moment will be the only thing that matters. You will realize the moment, in that time.

Then you will touch the face of God within you, and everyone will experience it with you. It is happening now.

Author unknown  Read The Essential Moment

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