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Environmentalists lose court battle

Colorado RiverThe 9th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals rejected environmentalist’s arguments last Wednesday that the National Park Service ignored its own rules and policies governing the Grand Canyon, that say canyon uses shouldn’t impair the wilderness character of the park.

At issue was the use of motorized water craft on the Colorado River. This was permitted in the 2006 implementation of the Colorado River Management Plan. Needless to say, a victory by the environmental groups would have put a heavy burden on dozens of rafting companies using motorized crafts for their Grand Canyon tours. While I understand the arguments, I believe these craft open the Canyon to thousands of people who would otherwise miss it. Not everyone has two weeks to float the canyon, and the motorized craft provide a much quicker trip.

A trip through the Grand Canyon on the river is a trip of a lifetime. If you haven’t done it, you should; it is a life changing experience. It truly makes you realize how small we really are, and how little impact we really have on the life of the planet. I feel that all we are doing that is now damaging Earth will not destroy it, we will simply make it uninhabitable for humans. It has been before, and will be again. San Antonio News article.

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