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Thinking of Hiking the Grand Canyon? Things You Need To Know!

Hiking in the Grand Canyon is a spectacular experience for both the novice and experienced hiker. You do need to know, however, that hiking in the Grand Canyon is unlike any other hiking experience most people have undertaken. Whether it’s a short day hike, or a trip to the river for camping and back, this will be something you never forget!

From personal experience (see Grand Canyon hike pics), I can tell you that your mental attitude about the hike is paramount. Many people are fearful when contemplating a hike into the canyon. “Can I make it?” “How far can I make it?” Questions abound, and can sometimes discourage an otherwise healthy person from having a truly special adventure. Keep a positive attitude. Don’t over do it!. The number one mistake in doing a Grand Canyon hike is not taking enough water. This cannot be stressed enough! You must take adequate water to keep you hydrated. Many hikers have died because they became dehydrated. Do not attempt to hike to the river and back in a single day! This is a serious mistake. I will include some links here that will warn you about the amount of water you need to take, and where water is available. Watch the video here. It will also give you some tips.

Make sure you have appropriate shoes to do the hike. Many of the trails are unmaintained. Loose rock, sand, and debris may be on the trail. Have good water bottles. Keep your pack light. A heavy pack just gets heavier on the way up. Figure on twice the time to get up that it took to get down! Don’t turn your great hike into a very expensive helicopter ride. Use of trekking sticks can greatly reduce the strain on your knees. Believe me, the South Kaibab Trail will eat your knees alive. Take your time.

The three most popular trails to the Colorado River are the Bright Angel Trail, the South Kaibab Trail, and the North Kaibab Trail. Follow those links for more information about these trails provided by the NPS in .pdf format. There are hundreds of trails in the Grand Canyon. Many make for nice, easy day hikes. A great place to find trails you might like is at Use this site to search for moderate and difficult hikes in the Grand Canyon, also.

I would recommend to anyone and everyone who is healthy enough, to experience a hike down into the Grand Canyon; whether it’s a half mile or 20 miles. This is often a “once in a lifetime” adventure. Don’t pass it up. Be safe, have fun, and enjoy your National Parks!

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