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Grand Canyon Fires Continue to Burn

Feu de forêt...!!!As reported by Grand Canyon National Park, the Aspen fire on the North Rim continues to burn and has spread to approximately 2,390 acres as of Saturday. This fire is burning on the Walhalla Plateau east of the developed area on the North Rim. The National Park Service is expecting this fire to lose momentum as it moves to the south and east into areas which previously burned in 2004 and 2007.

The Cape Royal Road has been cleared of debris and is open to all traffic.  Flames and smoke are visible along portions of the road.  Visitors should not stop or pull over in these areas and are asked to use caution while driving to ensure the safety of firefighters and equipment working near the road.

There are three more small fires burning in the national park.

  • The Angel Fire (9 acres) is now contained and is being monitored.
  • The Thompson Fire (1 acre) is contained and is being monitored.
  • The Poplar Fire (.1 acre) has been inactive for several days.

For information about the Grand Canyon National Park fire management program, please visit the park’s web site.

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