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For You and For Me

The Introvert B3I am here to experience this small piece of God I call myself. I am here to be myself. You are here to be you. The God I speak of is not of a religion. She/he is not of a religious belief. He/she is of an energy. An energy of creation, of motion, of emotion. You and I are a small part of that energy.

Whether you believe in God, or a God, is not important. What is important is that you believe in yourself. That you believe you have everything within yourself to create the life you believe you deserve. Do you believe money will make you happy, and yet when you have it you are unhappy? Do you question your choice to take a vacation you can’t afford and then have a trip of a lifetime? Are there times in your life that have spoken to you and let you know that “this is what life is about”? But most importantly, do you recognize those moments.

I began my adult life with the goal of helping people. Then I found that most people don’t want to be helped. They want to live the same mistakes over and over. They want to live the same scenarios over and over. In that they find comfort. In that they find security. To simply be what you truly want to be would be an abomination of what you have been taught by our society.

Because you might be penniless. Because you might be ridiculed. Because you might be belittled.

Because you might belittle yourself.

I am a powerful and shining being. I have the capacity to shine my light upon you; the power to allow you to be yourself in my presence. And you have that power and capacity, too.

That is the greatest gift we can bestow to one another. The gift to be yourself in this moment. And I will offer you that gift if I ever meet you. My failure to do so would be a denial of who I am.

I promise,  I’ll be.

Let your own light shine. Be as a child so that I might be as a child. A child is open to all things; teachings, experiences, and moments. Moments to be remembered.

Now is the perfect moment.

If I ever get to meet you, it will be a moment I will remember. And I hope you will, too.

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