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It’s Your Choice

Let there be lightLiving this life is not rocket science. It’s much harder than that. To truly live, you must simply “be”. And our society has taught us that this is not acceptable. How many times have you heard that you have to “work hard” to get what you want? How many times have you heard that “hard work pays off”. Is this the life that our creator intended for us? Is this what we are inspired to do?

What if you did what you’re inspired to do? What if you loved traveling, and made a living being a travel writer, traveling the world and seeing all the things you’ve dreamed of seeing? What if you’ve dreamed of helping people and joined the Peace Corps and spent a few months digging irrigation ditches in Brazil to help a native tribe feed themselves? Is it money that stops you from doing that? Is it what you’ve been taught?

Our time in this incarnation is so very short. Learn from the Native Americans. If you’ve visited even a few of the pages on this site you know how truly insignificant our impact is on this geological wonder we call Earth. So do what you are called to do. Do what you love.

Is it OK if you don’t use the law degree you earned? Yes. Is it OK if you don’t use that Masters degree? Yes. What if you could just be you and do well enough to pay the bills? What if you chose to have no bills?

You can.

You can be you. You can make the choice to have an impact on others that will change the world. You have gifts to give and moments to share. All this is possible if you make the choice to “be”.

“Be” yourself. Let your energy be the light that touches others.

“Be” yourself. Let your passion lead you to your dreams.

“Be” yourself. Let yourself be in touch with what is inside you.

Understand that all you do is a choice. The choices you make, make you who you are. You make yourself happy or sad. You make yourself rich or poor. You make life simple or hard.

I choose to “be”. I choose to experience all this life has to give me. I choose to live and touch others.

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