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See the Colorado River…From the Bottom of Grand Canyon!

Ever wanted to go to the bottom of Grand Canyon? You can hike down, you can take a mule down, or you can jump. But did you know that there is a road that you can drive down to the Colorado River? Well, there is; one. One road in the entire 277 river mile length of Grand Canyon! Diamond Creek Road winds down through every sedimentary rock layer and slices through the Vishnu schist of the inner gorge, ending on a sandy beach a few feet from the river itself. If you’ve ever wanted to look “up” at the canyon, this is your chance. Climb aboard my time machine… and you’ll be transported back in time to rock that was formed 1.7 billion years ago. The trip down is beyond description. At the bottom we enjoy a picnic lunch while the river flows by. There is time to explore, hike, or just contemplate the stunning beauty. Check out the tour here!

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  • Bob & Ann Isaacs

    Hey Joe! We loved our trip to the bottom last Tuesday , 5/15/12! We can’t stop telling people about it, how much we learned from you, how much fun we had…best tour we have ever had! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm of the Grand Canyon, the rocks and the geology history.

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