Arizona Rocks to a new beat!


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Why Our Tours Are Different

T501There are many tour companies in Sedona, AZ, going to places around Sedona, Grand Canyon, and northern Arizona. Many people interested in taking a tour pick one company over another simply because it was the first one they called, or the company was recommended by someone, or because of cost, without truly knowing what they are going to get.

I will tell you what to expect from Arizona Rocks Tours. You will not get a tour with pre-defined time limits on our stops. Your tour will be customized by you and other guests aboard as we work as a team to provide everyone with an unforgettable adventure. You will get the experience you want.

You will get a tour that teaches you about the things you’re seeing. The focus will be to show and explain the wondrous landscape and history. This is called interpretation. Your driver will be a trained interpreter, not just a guide. All of our interpreters have been extensively educated in geology, history, and Native American history. We are very proud of all of our interpreters!

Interpretation is an art. We paint the canvas. We weave the tapestry. You have the time of your life.

Expect to be treated to the Native American history of the peoples who inhabited this area, both pre-historically, and post-Spanish. Discover Sedona, how it was settled, and the early settlers. Envision the transgressive oceans as they covered, then uncovered this unbelievable landscape. Conceive of how these spectacular rocks got here and why they look the way they look. Experience stories that teach a lesson. You will get all that and more. Imagine a super-informative and fun tour that will not only teach you, but touch you. You will remember it for a lifetime.

That’s my promise to you.

Take a tour of this website and get a taste of what we know. Check out our testimonials. This is what sets Arizona Rocks Tours apart from the rest. Arizona Rocks Tours is ART.

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