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Latest California Condor Update

Here’s the latest condor update available. Check back as new ones come in!



Updates on Grand Canyon News

New updates to the Grand Canyon News page have been added. They include Earth Science Week to be celebrated soon, and a prescribed fire planned for the South Rim that may impact traffic. Check out the updates here.

Updated Grand Canyon News

For those interested in current Grand Canyon news, be sure to check the recently updated news page here!

National Park Week!

Don’t miss out on the celebration of National Park week at the Grand Canyon April 16-24, 2011. Entrance fees will be waived for the week, so this is a great opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon! You can get more information here.

California Condor Breeding Season Update

An update from Ms. Marker Marshall, Grand Canyon Interpretive Ranger. I will do my best to forward updates from Marker. She’s great!!


Hello Condor Enthusiasts— This is a long Breeding Season update.

Population numbers from the US Fish & Wildlife Service, as of February 28, 2011:

World Total:     369  (This is down one since December 31; a breeding-age […]

See the Colorado River…From the Bottom of Grand Canyon!

Ever wanted to go to the bottom of Grand Canyon? You can hike down, you can take a mule down, or you can jump. But did you know that there is a road that you can drive down to the Colorado River? Well, there is; one. One road in the entire 277 river mile length […]

Grand Canyon North Rim To Open This Weekend!

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon will finally reopen after seven months of closure. Each year the North Rim closes on October 15th and reopens on May 15. Highway 67 will reopen by 7 a.m. Saturday morning and Ranger programs will begin that afternoon. Grand Canyon Lodge and Grand Canyon Trail Rides will also […]

New Series!

I will be posting a new series of articles derived from assignments in an anthropology of religion class I am currently taking. This includes magic, witchcraft, ritual, and “modern” religion. I hope you all enjoy this new series. It will be a bit technical because this is a collegiate anthropology course as opposed to my […]

New tour to the historic Hopi villages

We have added a spectacular tour of the historic Hopi villages. The homeland of the Hopi is steeped in history and culture. We will visit all three mesas and walk through some truly extraordinary villages. You will get to meet the Hopi people and learn about their culture on a personal level. Climb aboard and […]

New page and pics

I’ve just added a new page- Grand Canyon River Trip. This page has dozens of pictures taken on a two week dory trip down the glorious Colorado River. Check ’em out!