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Latest California Condor Update

Here’s the latest condor update available. Check back as new ones come in!



California Condor Breeding Season Update

An update from Ms. Marker Marshall, Grand Canyon Interpretive Ranger. I will do my best to forward updates from Marker. She’s great!!


Hello Condor Enthusiasts— This is a long Breeding Season update.

Population numbers from the US Fish & Wildlife Service, as of February 28, 2011:

World Total:     369  (This is down one since December 31; a breeding-age […]

Environmentalists lose court battle

U.S. Court of Appeals rejects environmental groups Grand Canyon arguments.

Navajo Nation embraces “green jobs” initiative

The “greening” of the Navajo Nation.

NPS and FAA discuss Grand Canyon overflights

Government to review Grand Canyon overflight noise issues.

Dept. of Interior stops new mining claims near Grand Canyon

Important evironmental announcement for the Grand Canyon.

Red Butte rally against new uranium mining around Grand Canyon

A rally against new uranium exploration, mining, and the reopening of old mines in the Grand Canyon area will be held this weekend at Red Butte, just a few miles  south of the south entrance to the park. This mining activity poses a real threat to one of our national treasures. If you are going to […]

Dept. of Interior reverses Bush logging policy

The Department of the Interior has reversed a Bush administration logging policy that would have greatly reduced the protected area of the spotted owl. It was determined that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management violated the Endangered Species Act by failing to consult federal biologists before implementing the logging plan.

Finally, after eight years of science […]

NPS proposing the change of boating rules in Grand Canyon

The New York Times is reporting today that the National Park Service will publish in the Federal Register on Monday a proposal changing boating and river camping rules and regulations. The proposal would require all persons using the river within park boundaries to have a permit issued by the Park Superintendent. Currently, the last 51 […]