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Altered States of Consciousness and Religion…Part 2

Ethnomycology is the study of the historical use of mushrooms. (I must take an aside by for personal experience. My brother-in-law worked in the past for Pfizer, researching spider venom for use in medicinal pharmaceuticals. He left to open his own lab where he extracts enzymes from mushrooms from all over the world to sell […]

Altered States of Consciousness and Religion…Part 1

Religion and altered states of consciousness have been so closely associated over thousands of years that the case could be made that they are in fact symbiotic in nature. Belief in spirits leads to the desire to communicate with spirits, to learn about them and know them. Altered states of consciousness allow this communion. Trance […]

Catholic Priest and Shaman- a Contrast of Communications

The means of association and communication with supernatural beings is hugely variable across the cultures of the world. This differentiation is readily apparent when looking at the shaman and the Catholic priest and their respective relationship with spirit.

A shaman moves through the spirit world. He can transport himself into the spirit realm, talk with spirits, […]

The Symbol that is the American Flag

Many people outside the United States believe that Americans have a “flag obsession”,  an almost cult like fetish worship. Why is this the case? What, in fact, does the flag mean to Americans? What does it mean to you Americans reading this? Let me know. This is a conversation.

The elevated status given to the American […]

Two Forms of Magic

Contagious and imitative Magic are the two forms of Sympathetic magic which is based on the foundation that things, through a secret sympathy, can act upon each other at a distance. Imitative magic acts through the Law of Similarity, i.e. things that are alike are connected. Voodoo dolls are “like” their target. In modern times […]

History of the Evolution of “Religion”

From the belief in souls or spirits, to modern day science, the hypothesis for the root, and development, of religion is discussed. Clifford Geertz, speaking from a perspective almost 40 years old, talks of the evolution of the anthropology of religion. Lecture notes encapsulate and emphasize points that introduce us to why we have religion, […]

Coming Next Week!

Beginning next week, in conjunction with a college course I’m taking, I will be posting weekly articles and glossary additions on Magic, Witchcraft and Healing. I’m really excited about this class and hope I can illuminate all of you with what I learn. Magic, faith, shamanism, and traditional religions will all get attention. Look for […]

Being Alone

I have a job that many people remark on: […]

Who am I?

I sometimes wonder who I am. Am I my career? Am I my marriage? Am I my kids, my pets, my friends? Am I the mask I wear for all of you?

I wonder even though I know. I am that I am. I am the piece of the universe that you’re not. I am a […]

It’s Your Choice

Living this life is not rocket science. It’s much harder than that. To truly live, you must simply “be”. And our society has taught us that this is not acceptable. How many times have you heard that you have to “work hard” to get what you want? How many times have you heard that “hard […]