Arizona Rocks to a new beat!


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For You and For Me

I am here to experience this small piece of God I call myself. I am here to be myself. You are here to be you. The God I speak of is not of a religion. She/he is not of a religious belief. He/she is of an energy. An energy of creation, of motion, of emotion. […]

Characteristics of a Leader: U.S. vs the Apache

While research in the field of political science has identified a list of ideal characteristics for a leader, it is questionable that such a person has ever led this country. On the contrary, it is almost certain that persons possessing the ideal Apache characteristics have led their people. Great leaders of a people share various […]

Beyond “America”. The Evolution of Native Bands into a True Native American Nation.

We, as 21st century “Americans”, thrive on making distinctions. We want to dissect our nation into separate slices of culture, religion, and race. We note the difference between the culture of African-Americans who have been here for generations and that of white Anglo-Americans who have been here for generations. So do the African-Americans. We want […]

Food for thought: “American” afterlife beliefs vs traditional Mojave

A brief cultural comparison of traditional Mojave beliefs of the afterlife versus modern day American societal beliefs.

“The Dream”, a sad short story of self discovery

How you feel when you discover yourself

Living to “Be”; A follow to “The Essential Moment”

More thoughts of being present and in the moment

The Essential Moment

Musings on my choice to be present and live in this moment.