Arizona Rocks to a new beat!


thundermt4 There it is ant19 After crossing the bridge

Winter in Sedona

There are three geologic provinces in Arizona: the Basin and Range in the south, the Transition Zone in the middle, and the Colorado Plateau in the north. Sedona lies at the base of the Mogollon Rim, the boundary of the two northern provinces at an elevation of 4,325 feet. It is about half way in elevation between the Colorado Plateau to the north and the Basin and Range region to the south, and has a generally mild climate.

Nighttime temperatures in winter may drop below freezing, and snowfall has been recorded between November and April. Generally, the snow only sticks on the surrounding erosional features and doesn’t last for long. The average high temperature in December and January is 57 and 56 degrees respectively, so seeing snow in Sedona is a relatively rare event. The pictures in this gallery were taken on December 30, 2010.

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