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Antelope Canyon


Amazing Antelope Canyon

Enter a wondrous world of swirling sand, amazing light, and fantastic contrasts. This is Antelope Canyon. Carved by wind and water, this slot canyon is located very near Page, Arizona, the home of Lake Powell. Tours departing Sedona will wind through beautiful Oak Creek Canyon. You’ll fill your water bottles with pure natural spring water; water that has been underground for hundreds of years. We will climb to the top of the Colorado Plateau, a land-form unique unto itself, and travel through the San Francisco Volcanic Field. This volcanic field is home to over 600 dormant volcanoes. Passing onto the Navajo Reservation, we will make a short detour to view dinosaur tracks created tens of millions of years ago. Then it’s a drive up a strike valley all the way to Page.

You will be able to choose between Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon for the tour. Both offer an unparalleled experience in a narrow slot canyon filled with exquisite erosional features and lighting effects. It is to be noted that lighting changes with the seasons and time of day. On the return to Sedona, we have time for a short hike to Horse Shoe Bend overlook, or a short drive to Navajo Bridge, spanning the very beginning of the Grand Canyon. Our last stop will be at the historic Cameron Trading Post on the Navajo Reservation that was established in 1916. Our return trip will pass, once again, through Oak Creek Canyon

Read why our tours are different. Our interpreters are exhaustively educated and trained in the geology, history, and Native American knowledge they share with you throughout our adventure. You will not only be educated, you will be touched! Please join us on a journey you will remember for a lifetime!

Antelope Canyon Tour Pricing:

Tours from Sedona starting at $199.00 per person include:

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Chinese buffet lunch
  • Park entry fees

Tours are also available from Flagstaff

Optional add-ons include short stop at Desert View in Grand Canyon and more.

For reservations or more information call us toll free at 866-890-6052.

We can also be reached by email here.

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