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Bottom of the Grand Canyon

At the bottom of the Grand Canyon

The Elusive Bottom of Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has over five million visitors every year. Of these visitors, less than one percent get down to the Colorado River. You can take a commercial raft trip, hike, or take a mule to get there; that’s what many believe. But there is another way. You can drive! In the 277 river miles that are the Grand Canyon, there is one road -only one- that goes to the river. If you’d like to be one of the very, very select few who see the river from the bottom and you’d rather sight-see than drive yourself, then this is the tour for you.

We are currently the only Sedona based tour company offering this adventure.

The tour from Sedona begins with a climb through magnificent Oak Creek Canyon. This portion of the tour has been rated by Rand McNally as one of the top 5 most scenic drives in the nation. After a stop for natural spring water, we will climb the Mogollon Rim, an incredible escarpment that defines the southern boundary of the Colorado Plateau. Once on top, we travel through the San Francisco Volcanic Field, a 50-by-7 mile wonderland filled with more than 600 volcanic remnants, on our way to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

After traveling west on I-40, we will move onto Historic Route 66, passing through Seligman, AZ, (the town the movie “Cars” was based on) on the way to Peach Springs on the Hualipai Indian Reservation (Birma Shave signs included). An amazing, scenic, and historic 19 mile journey down Diamond Creek Road brings us to the southern bank of the Colorado. Flora and fauna abound. Wild burros, big horn sheep, and deer are a welcome sight. Cactus, succulents, and yuccas cover the landscape. And the 11 layers of Paleozoic sedimentary rock that sit atop the inner gorge of the Grand Canyon inspire wonderment.

This is truly a “bucket-list” journey!

On our return, we stop for ice cream at the historic Snowcap (seasonal) in Seligman. We return via Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona.

Jump aboard our time machine for an adventure that takes you back to a time 1.7 billion years ago! This is an 11 hour tour that you will never forget. Be one of the select few to experience the bottom of Grand Canyon.

Read why our tours are different. Our interpreters are exhaustively educated and trained in the geology, history, and Native American knowledge they share with you throughout our adventure. You will not only be educated, you will be touched! Please join us on a journey you will remember for a lifetime!

Bottom of the Grand Canyon Tour Pricing:

Tours from Sedona starting at $229.00 per person include:

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Picnic lunch on the south bank of the Colorado River
  • Hualipai Nation permit fees

Price does not include tax or guide gratuity.

Tours are also available from Flagstaff

For reservations or more information call us toll free at 866-890-6052.

We can also be reached by email here.

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